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CEO Denee Evans: 2018 Is A Defining Year For MLS

Friday, February 2, 2018   (0 Comments)
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Originally received by CMLS members on Jan. 23, 2018, CMLS CEO Denee Evans' "2018 Is A Defining Year For MLS" Letter shares her thoughts on why this is such an important time for the industry after a cumulation of successes and continued momentum through cooperation and collaboration. This will be the year the MLS industry can develop a shared vision and define the next iteration of the market.

Dear CMLS members and colleagues,  
Happy New Year!  
As 2018 gets underway, I find myself reflecting on the foundation that the multiple listing services industry and Council of Multiple Listing Services have built in recent years — groundbreaking cooperative agreements, the publication of industry-shaping studies and white papers, the launch of a self-paced professional certification program for MLS specialists, and the Value of MLS being readily defined as “making the market work,” to name a few.  
We have accomplished so much. And yet, we are only getting started. 
As multiple listing services and the real estate industry continue to change, there will always be successes to celebrate and new accomplishments for which we will strive. This isn’t new. What is new is that CMLS members have never been more proactive in how they manage and mitigate innovation, transformation, and change.  
Consider what CMLS President and Chief Strategy Officer of Bright MLS David Charron said: “Change invariably finds its genesis in much smaller groups of people. People who recognize consumer frustration. People who embrace technical innovation. People who see opportunity.”  
His words are a call to action. They tell us that MLS executives, their organizations, and their board members no longer have the luxury of thinking locally, acting myopically, or hiding behind doors of complacency. 
As change is inevitably the only constant in which we can rely, it is always up to us. We must continually examine our organizations and decide what needs to happen now in order to meet the next iteration of our industry, the next best practice benchmark, and the next standard for professionalism and service excellence. 
Identifying and then taking the path forward has never been more necessary. For MLSs, the time to conduct an honest assessment of your organization and how it will fit within a national perspective is now. If your MLS falls short and you haven’t taken advantage of the resources being provided by the industry, then this is the time to ask why not. If your MLS is delivering best-in-class service and you haven’t extended a hand up to other organizations, then this is the time to do more for your community. 
This will be a defining year for the MLS industry. As a professional trade organization that serves to advance this industry, we will deliver the programs and progress that CMLS members are familiar with, along with three new initiatives created by our Board of Directors.  
     CMLS will develop a collaborative task force to provide recommendations that improve MLS policy and foster a more efficient marketplace. 
     CMLS will work with MLS members to develop a broker outreach program that opens new dialogues and strengthens relationships. 
     CMLS will research innovative and effective MLS governance models that have the potential to improve the marketplace.  
Each is designed to support MLSs in developing a vision that will guide the future of the marketplace. And together, they represent an opportunity to be part of the genesis ahead. I hope you will join us in this important work by supporting CMLS, becoming active within the MLS community, and fortifying homeownership as part of the American Dream.  
Denee Evans 

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